Fitness and Nutrition

Become an expert on your own body – become the best version of yourself

At ISI Fitness and Nutrition you can live out your full potential

There is room for you to focus on yourself, your workout and your diet – and the relation between all of these aspects. You can challenge and develop the potential of your body and truly experience what your body is capable of doing. 
In other words, during your semester at ISI Idrætshøjskole, you will use your body and become familiar with a lot of different sports and training forms.

ISI Fitness & Nutrition is also for those, who may be considering working professionally within the sports- and teaching world; such as personal trainer, dietitian, teacher, physiotherapist or the like.

Strength training, nutrition and diet optimization.

Along with the very wide range of training forms, you will also learn what motivates you, your weaknesses and your strengths, and what commitment and will mean for the benefits of your training.

We focus on how you can combine your nutrition and training in the most optimal way to challenge your body’s potential. This is done through both practical and theoretical exercises, where we reflect on topics such as whether the concept “health” is the same for all people.

We also focus on what is up and down in terms of diet, nutrition and exercise – killing the myths and seeking new knowledge and insight within this field.


Travel with Fitness & Nutrition

At the Fitness & Nutrition main line, you also get the opportunity to travel the world

During the fall semester, you will get the possibility to go to the Spanish island, Lanzarote, where we will participate in a lot of interesting and challenging activities at Club La Santa. You will enjoy various fitness teams, yoga, swimming, biking, hiking in the mountains, surfing and around 50 other activities all while enjoying the sun.

In the Spring, we will go somewhere else. This could for instance be a trip to the Alps in Austria on an adventure trip, where we would go hiking, mountainbiking, climbing, canyoing etc.

The different trips we offer, are extra expenses to your school fee. This means that you would have to pay the price of the trip yourselves – it is not a part of the school tuition.

Besides this, there are main line days in both the spring and fall semester. During these days, you will get out of the house and experience something new – you will get challenged on different physical elements with a big focus on teamwork and teamspirit.


At ISI you are surrounded by unique sports frameworks. At the school there is access to both the training hall, training room, strength room, theory rooms, outdoor crossfit facilities and beach areas.
In addition, ISI has golf courses in the backyard and access to a wide variety of training rooms just around the corner.


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Sports in concentrated quantities place demands on physics and the body. At ISI we make a physical therapist available, who visits and possibly. provides rehearsal exercises if needed by the student.



Quality is of geat importance to ISI. Of course also in relation to the teachers

Mette Møller Pedersen

Responsible for Fitness and Nutrition

Jacob Nortvig Pedersen

Responsible for Fitness and Nutrition

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