Student payment

The price for teaching, food and living expenses is 1.450 DKK per week.

Besides that, there are following expenses:

  • Registration fee: 3.000 DKK (incl. School clothes and material) – this fee is not return in cases of cancelling a registration.
  • Payment of the main line trip (fall): 1.000 DKK.
  • Payment of the introduction trip in Denmark (fall): 2.000
  • Club La Santa (fall): 7.000 DKK.
  • Payment of the main line trip (spring): 2.000 DKK
  • Optional trip to Uganda (spring): 13.000 DKK

In case of expulsion, ISI reserves the right to charge course fees for the 4 weeks following the expulsion.

You must have an travel insurance to travel abroad with us.

If you cancel your stay or for other reasons you cannot participate in a signed up and paid trip, you are always liable for a deposit and from two weeks before departure you are charged for the full amount. Therefore, we recommend that you have a cancellation-insurance yourself.

Norwegian students

Information for the Norwegian loan fund (lånekasse):

  • The weekly price at ISI Sports College is DKK. 1450, -
  • Tuition amounts to 70% = DKK. 1.015, - pr. week
  • Food and lodging make up 30% = DKK. 435, - pr. week
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