Football (soccer)

The football main line is for you, who dream of becoming a better and more integrated football player – and of developing and testing yourself in an inspiring and evolving football environment.

Do you want to be a better footballplayer?

At ISI sport Folk High School you have the opportunity to try a life where football is the core of your everyday life – where the starting point is will and commitment to become a better player.

Training sessions at the football main line

At ISI, we train versatile and varied. We focus on your development and ambitions. For example:

  • ”Technical specific” oriented teaching – focused to target players with different skills, levels and experiences.
  • Games and plays in small areas that train and focus on technical skills such as first touches, turns, passes etc.
  • Relational skills
  • Physical focus - footwork and jumping training
  • Personal masterplan, which forms the basis for the individual training, focus and ongoing evaluations.
  • Mental training through individual conversations and team-assignments.
  • Refleksion, teamwork and communication through games, creativity and teaching.









It has to be fun, inspiring and challenging to be a part of the football main line at ISI Sport Folk High School. Here, the highest priority is the joy of the game and personal development. The training sessions at the school are organized in a way so that they are based on your level and in relation to your goals..


At ISI you are surrounded by unique sports frameworks. At the school there is access to both the training hall, training room, strength room, theory rooms, outdoor crossfit facilities and beach areas.
In addition, ISI has golf courses in the backyard and access to a wide variety of training rooms just around the corner.


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Sports in concentrated quantities place demands on physics and the body. At ISI we make a physical therapist available, who visits and possibly. provides rehearsal exercises if needed by the student.


Club Cooperation

As a football student at ISI, you have a number of opportunities to play club football. Depending on your level and your ambitions. On both girls and boys side, we collaborate with ambitious football clubs such as Ikast FC and Vildbjerg SF. We help to clarify and advise which club will be the perfect match for you.


Closer to the profiles

On the football line, we follow FC Midtjylland as far as possible at the MCH Arena in Herning. As a student at ISI, you enter for free to all home matches at MCH Arena. In connection with the teaching, we have the opportunity to invite football profiles as guest teachers or lecturers.



Quality is of great importance to ISI. Of course also in relation to the teachers

Nicolai Lewandowski

Folk High School teacher and responsible for football

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