Team Handball

For those who dream of developing and being challenged as a handball player within an inspiring and evolving handball environment.

Your drive and your passion is the most important thing at the handball main line at ISI Sport Folk High School.

At the handball main line, boys and girls with handball in their blood meet in an intense and inspiring environment. Here, you will experience community and clarification, which will give you valuable personal competencies along the way.

With its location in Ikast, ISI is placed in a handball environment with proud traditions of talent development.

You will meet highly qualified educators and coaches, who will help you develop as a handball player.


At the handball main line, it is not your level but your drive and commitment that counts.

The training is based on your level and focus on your personal development.

In collaboration with you, we create an individual development plan – physical, mental and tactical. Basically, our philosophy is that pleasure and joy is enough to play handball.

During your stay at ISI, we will help you find a club and a team, which matches your level and skills.

Training sessions at the Handball Main Line


  • Technical and personal training – focus on developing your individual skills and position specific competences through videoanalyses and individal coaching.
  • Focus on passes, trickshots, shots, footwork and tackles.
  • Tactical training as movement without ball.
  • Defense, offense and game comprehension.
  • Beach handball.
  • Physical strength training.
  • weekly club training passes.


  • Videoanalyses of training and matches.
  • Sports psychology.
  • Game insight and comprehension.
  • Diet and nutrition.






Quality is of great importance to ISI. Of course also in relation to the teachers

Søren Ferløv


T: +45 20991357


At ISI you are surrounded by unique sports frameworks. At the school there is access to both the training hall, training room, strength room, theory rooms, outdoor crossfit facilities and beach areas.
In addition, ISI has golf courses in the backyard and access to a wide variety of training rooms just around the corner.


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Sports in concentrated quantities place demands on physics and the body. At ISI we make a physical therapist available, who visits and possibly. provides rehearsal exercises if needed by the student.


Club Cooperation

On both girls and boys side, we partner with ambitious handball clubs such as Ikast FS, Herning-Ikast Handball, Ikast KFUM and Ikast Handball (youth team). We help clarify and advise on your club selection.


Klub- og turneringskampe

Som elev på både ISI Håndbold har du en række muligheder for at spille klubhåndbold. Afhængigt af dit niveau og dine ambitioner.


Guest Teachers

ISI collaborates with the league team in Herning-Ikast Handball, which makes guest teachers available to the extent that it matches the league's training and match program.


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